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Are you ready to build a path to your retirement future? Just select your current age, the age at which you plan to retire, and some basic retirement account information, and the calculator will show you the flexPATH fund designed to put you on a PATH toward a successful retirement.
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The PATH you take depends on your ability to accept risk along with the amount of risk needed to accomplish your retirement goals. Consider both to determine the most appropriate retirement PATH for your situation after you select the closest year (2025, 2035, 2045, or 2055) in which you expect to retire. Use the drop down box below to log in to your retirement plan provider’s website and select the appropriate flexPATH fund.

The target date in the name of the fund designate an approximate year in which an investor plans to start withdrawing money. As the flexPATH funds are spaced 10 years apart, the calculator displays the fund that most closely aligns with your anticipated retirement year.