Our Mission

We are inspired to create a successful retirement for plan participants. We believe in partnering with plan sponsors and investment managers to offer superior investment solutions. Our efficient and personalized investment path selection process offers participants a flexible, yet simple process to achieve their highest retirement savings potential. This is accomplished by building and managing a suite of low-cost target date funds with multiple glidepaths, management styles and retirement dates.

About flexPATH®

Target date funds (TDFs) have simplified the investment selection process for plan participants ever since their creation by BlackRock in 1993. This invention provided participants with access to professional portfolio management and a low maintenance do-it-for-me solution. Since then, TDFs have overwhelmingly become the primary investment vehicle for retirement plan participants.

The challenge with most TDFs, however, is that in the pursuit of simplicity, the participant has been left behind. TDFs have historically employed a one-size-fits-all strategy of offering a single glidepath, meaning a participant’s age is the only factor that determines his or her risk level. While time horizon is an important consideration, it does not account for the different risk preferences of participants of the same or similar age. The innovative, multi-glidepath approach of flexPATH helps solve this challenge by giving participants the powerful ability to select not only their time horizon, but also their risk level (Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive).While TDFs typically offer sufficient diversification across asset classes, the proprietary nature of many TDFs may lower the quality of the overall portfolio by limiting underlying management to a single money manager. Once again, flexPATH takes a different approach by incorporating an independent and open architecture underlying fund selection process that provides unparalleled access to best-in-class-managers.

Having all of this packaged together in a low-cost collective investment trust (CIT) format, flexPATH maintains the simplicity and ease-of-use of a traditional TDF while adding intensified oversight and a higher fiduciary standard via three leading and independent organizations. The result is the industry’s most sophisticated, yet participant friendly target date fund solution.

With flexPATH, investment management is delivered in either a fully passive approach (Index) or a core-satellite approach (Index+). The glidepath needs of all plan participants are addressed with the availability of a conservative, moderate and aggressive glidepath. After selecting the closest year (2025, 2035, 2045, or 2055) in which you expect to retire, consider both your comfort with risk as well as the amount of risk needed to accomplish your retirement goals when selecting the most appropriate retirement PATH.


Risk is limited because enough has been or is being saved to live on during retirement. The goal is to achieve a more consistent retirement income pattern throughout retirement.


Conservative PATH characteristics

  • Retirement savings rate greater than 12%
  • High account balance
  • Emphasis on stability in retirement


Risk can be moderate because current savings will accomplish most retirement goals. Additional risk is necessary to fully achieve all retirement goals, balanced with a more consistent income pattern.


Moderate PATH characteristics

  • Retirement savings rate between 6-12%
  • Average account balance
  • Balance stability and long-term return in retirement


Risk is greater because current savings alone will not be enough to reach most retirement goals. The goal is to generate greater expected return through riskier investments in order to supply adequate income at and throughout retirement.

Aggressive PATH characteristics

  • Retirement savings rate less than 6%
  • Low account balance
  • Emphasis on long-term return in retirement

     *Retirement savings rate includes all employee deferrals and employer contributions.